Position Advertisement: Head of Disaster Management Centre



……………………… MUNICIPALITY *


An applicable B degree, preferably in Disaster Management
Code EB Drivers license
Computer literacy
Project Management
A Masters Degree in Disaster Management would be an advantage.


The position requires an energetic person with proven leadership skills, sound inter personal skills and organisational ability. Applicants should have at least 7 years experience in a senior management position of which at least three should have been in a full time disaster management position at a senior level. The capacity to work under pressure and make decisions in crisis situations is of particular importance. The position requires excellent communication skills with the ability to communicate at all levels. Experience in public speaking, training and/or presentation skills is therefore highly recommended. The successful candidate should have previous experience in planning, project and finance management, with a good working knowledge of integrated development planning in the context of disaster management. A working knowledge of information management systems and GIS in its application to disaster management as well as emergency radio communication systems is highly recommended.


The successful candidate will be responsible for the exercise by the …………..Municipality’s* Disaster Management Centre of its powers and the performance of all its duties in accordance with legislative requirements and the …………… Municipality’s* Disaster Management Framework.

Key performance areas

The successful candidate will be required to establish the …………….. Municipality’s* Disaster Management Centre in terms of legislative requirements in order to sustain all aspects of disaster management which will place particular emphasis on disaster risk reduction and will include:
Establishing integrated institutional capacity within the organisational sphere to enable the effective implementation of disaster management policy and regulations
Establishing a uniform approach to assessing and monitoring disaster risk that will inform disaster management planning and disaster risk reduction undertaken by organs of state and other role players
Ensuring all disaster management stakeholders develop and implement integrated disaster management plans and risk reduction programmes in accordance with approved frameworks
Ensuring effective and appropriate disaster response and recovery
Guiding the development of a comprehensive information management and communication system and establish integrated communication links with all disaster risk management role players
Promoting a culture of risk avoidance among stakeholders by capacitating all role players through integrated education, training and public awareness supported by scientific research
Participating in the establishment mechanisms for the funding of disaster management in the …………….municipality*
Providing the Municipality with a Communications facility which is able to monitor and communicate on matters related to major incidents, potential disasters, disasters occurring and disasters which have occurred, to reduce the consequences or potential consequences
Improving performance management processes in line with strategic objectives of the …………… municipality*
Ensuring compliance with relevant legislative and statutory frameworks in terms of BEE, EE, HIV/AIDS, IDP, Environmental Management, Spatial Development and other applicable legislation.
Continuously improving the management of resources within the work environment
Promoting leadership that inspires support and a culture of excellence
Generating innovative and creative solutions to improve service delivery through the use of relevant knowledge and information
Working effectively and efficiently in order to reach legislative and organisational goals
Providing strategic direction in accomplishing objectives
Managing self and the unit to ensure alignment between individual and organisational priorities
Demonstrating a commitment to functional areas outside the department

*Insert name of municipality / district municipality / provincial government

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