The Constitution of the Institute

This page contain the Constitution of the Disaster Management Institute of Southern Africa and any information pertaining to constitutional amendments.
The Previous ConstitutionDMISA Constitution 2018, as amended

September 2018 - Amended DMISA Constitution adopted

The amended constitution has been adopted by an extraordinary general meeting of the Institute

Dear Members

The proposed constitutional amendments were discussed by the DMISA Council on 18 September 2018 and subsequently at the extraordinary general meeting held on 21 September 2018, where the amended Constitution was officially adopted.


DMISA Constition 2018, as amended

August 2018 - Proposed amendments ready for comments

Members are invited to comment on proposed amendments
Dear Members

The amendment of the DMISA Constitution discussions have been underway for some time now. The office has circulated proposed amendments and also requested each Region to consider these proposals as well as make any new proposals.

The office received comments and proposed constitutional amendments from the Regions which have been combined into a document which you will find on the DMISA website.

The comments and proposed amendments were considered by the Amendments Team and their comments and insights were included in the “Comments” column; considering the current constitution as well as the proposals made.

In order to ensure that no time-consuming discussions take place at the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting scheduled for 21 September 2018, it is imperative that you consider the documents related to the proposed constitutional amendments and make your final representations and suggestions.

The pre-final amendment proposals have been loaded onto the DMISA website for your final comment and inputs. Please consider these against the approved Constitution as well as the Proposed Amended Draft Constitution. It is hoped that by following this course of action the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting will not last longer that is necessary to conclude the business on the Agenda.

Kindly use the table on the attached document to make your comments and ensure that you complete all columns.

Kindly send the amendments to Anthony Kesten at and a copy to Karin Muller at not later than end of business on Friday, 7 September 2018.

Late submissions will not be included in the submission to the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting on 21 September 2018.

Yours Sincerely,


May 2018 - A need for change

Proposed amendments to the DMISA Constitution

Dear Members

You will be aware that DMISA has over a number of years been working towards the professionalisation of the Institute as well as the function.

Both these have now been accomplished with only the amendments to the constitution of DMISA still outstanding. The Professionalisation of the Institute has meant that the Constitution of the Institute has to be amended to make provision for this professionalisation.

 In order to ensure that we adequately address the matter we are referred to clause 18 which is provided below.

18.1 No amendment or addition to this constitution shall be made except by the vote in favour of such amendment or addition of at least two thirds of the members present in person or their proxies referred to in sub-clause 15.3.3, and who are entitled to vote at an extra-ordinary general meeting convened for this purpose.”

It is envisaged that an extra-ordinary general meeting will be convened, in terms for constitutional requirements at the Conference in 2018.

The suggested changes to the constitution together with the existing constitution as well as a Comment Form have been provided to Chairpersons and Secretaries of Regions, so that Regions may make formal written inputs after having workshopped the documents with members. The electronic versions of all the above documents will be uploaded to the DMISA website and members can obtain the electronic documents from the website and make comment by the due date.

In order to ensure that sufficient time is allowed for all proposed changes to be collated for discussion by the EXCO and for submission and possible approval at the extra-ordinary general meeting, it will be necessary that all comments / amendments be submitted on the prescribed form.

All comments / proposed amendments will be discussed by EXCO on 25 July 2018 and the proposed changes to the Constitution will be placed on the DMISA Website for approval at the extra-ordinary general meeting as provided for in the current Constitution.

Regional Chairpersons and Secretaries were requested to arranged a Workshop, before 6 July 2018, with the members of the Region so that the proposed amendments may be formalised in writing by each Region and comments submitted by 6 July 2018.

Kindly make use of the COMMENT FORM and ensure that all comment columns in the document are correctly completed. Please leave column 6 blank.

Also take note that most of the proposed changes in the DRAFT document are as a result of the professionalisation process as well as the professionalisation requirements by SAQA.

All proposed changes MUST be submitted electronically (MS WORD FORMAT) to the office of DMISA not later than 6 July 2018.

We thank you for your co-operation in respect of the above arrangements.


Yours Sincerely,