Training and Education

DMISA is committed to providing learning opportunities for professionals in Disaster Management and related fields.  This page is aimed at providing easy acess to education and training resources.

The Pat Reid Bursary Programme

The Pat Reid Bursary Programme serves to promote the constitutional objectives of the Disaster Management Institute of Southern Africa (DMISA) by contributing towards the professional advancement of its members. The programme provides assistance to financially disadvantaged individuals who have the necessary academic potential to access education opportunities in the field of disaster management.

The programme is open to members of the Institute in Southern Africa who are in good standing and have already been accepted into either a part time or full time undergraduate or post graduate programme at an accredited institution for higher learning in South Africa.

Applications will be considered on the basis of academic merit alone but in the case of undergraduate study, assessment will be biased towards worthy students in the second year of study where a proven academic history in the field of study is available. In the case of post graduate study, assessment will be biased towards research topics drawn from the national research agenda as envisaged by the Disaster Management Act, 2002 and the National Disaster Management Framework, 2005.

Bursaries offered in terms of this programme are administered within the Bursary Programme Policy of DMISA, are applicable to a maximum of 50% of the annual tuition/study fees only and are renewable annually. Eligibility to continue to receive financial support will be subject to the availability of funds and the individual student’s academic performance measured against predetermined performance criteria.

Disaster Management Education and Training service providers